PropRise Shines as a Semi-Finalist at Hawai'i UnConference

Jun 12, 2024

Our team is extremely proud to work closely with developers nationwide in this industry. With this, it’s an honor to be a part of such a distinguished event and to continue being a part of the self-storage ecosystem

Jean-Michael Diei

Co-Founder & CEO, PropRise

PropRise: Revolutionizing Self-Storage Development with AI

PropRise is an all-in-one, Y Combinator-backed, AI-driven solution that allows self-storage developers to find on-market listings through intelligent searches based solely on their company buy box. It also enables the discovery of new submarkets and provides zoning data—all with a click of a button.

Trusted by Industry Leaders

PropRise is trusted by Madison Capital Group, Spartan Investment Group, Liberty Property Investment Group, and other firms.  We are proud to be named a semifinalist for the prestigious Hawaii Unconference hosted by Tron Jordheim and his team. We are excited to work with developers across the United States to build new facilities.

The Unconference

The Hawaii Unconference will feature individuals from across the self-storage world, from owners and operators to institutional investors. The rebellious spirit of the event is celebrated as the unconference aims to avoid the typical networking of traditional conferences by hosting activities and discussing attendees' lives outside of self-storage. Among the well-known advisors and mentors are:

The decision for who will be attending the unconference in late July, the PropRise team is excited about the potential opportunity to work with mentors in the space and pitch on the highest stage. The exposure will be invaluable as we embark on rapid market expansion.


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